Volume 5 – Recipes II

Volume 5 of Modernist Bread begins with chapter 24, Flatbreads and Pizzas. This is a broad and crowd-pleasing category that includes many styles of bread from many different cultures. Chapter 25 covers Bagels, Pretzels, and Bao, all of which are breads even though they may be viewed somewhat differently than typical breads because of the way their exteriors are treated with water.

The Gluten-Free Bread recipes, featured in chapter 26, took considerable effort to perfect. The world of gluten-free breads is in its infancy, and many of the commercially available gluten-free options are disappointing. These recipes will be like manna from heaven for people who are unable to eat wheat because of celiac disease—or for anyone who wants to explore new and different breads for other reasons. We even developed a gluten-free bagel that we call the “best damn gluten-free bagel”.

Chapter 27 focuses on Bread Machine Breads. Rather than travel the well-trodden path of many other bread machine books, we found many innovative ways to use bread machines to make bread you never thought possible. You’ll produce the best loaf you’ve ever made in a bread machine. Finally, in addition to what’s in the individual chapters, you’ll find numerous reference materials and resources in the back of our book.