Volume 4 – Recipes I

The lion’s share of recipes in Modernist Bread begin in Volume 4. The recipes in chapter 20 span Lean Breads, a category that includes baguettes, sourdoughs, ciabatta, and other breads made with little fat or sweetener. In direct contrast to this, you’ll find breads that include eggs, oils, butter, or sugar in chapter 21 on Enriched Breads. The fats and/or sweeteners in these breads (including sandwich bread, brioche, and challah) give them a very different texture from lean breads.

Chapter 22 covers Rye Breads that are light and fluffy. Some, such as farmer’s ryes are made from a mixture of rye and whole wheat flours, but we also include recipes for 100% dense rye bread and 100% fluffy rye bread.  Chapter 23 highlights Brick-Like Breads that are deliberately dark and dense, including whole-grain breads, vollkornbrot, and pumpernickel.